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“The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes, but in liking what one does.”
– James Matthew Barrie
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Evaluating happiness first, performance later!

Investing time in people is as important as investing time in business. We believe in creating a joyful environment for all our employees as happy ones are more creative, more productive and perhaps most likely to continue for a longer time.

Be it a laughter session, or integrating a positive thinking approach, or a weekend getaway, or a team celebration even for the smallest achievement, we like to bring joy to the work and add smiles to the KPI parameters. Our corporate culture is to ensure talented minds are given a platform to express freely and deliver growth-oriented solutions.

Positive workplace brings positive results and iBtions Infologies is one such place where performers effort will not go unrecognised, committed and hardworking minds will find happiness at work, and aspirants will create a roadmap for themselves to move up the career ladder - happily and swiftly.

Join the movement called happy minds - extraordinary results!